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Security system control panel and rack for spare house keys. 

Key lock-box The lock-box is located near the front door. The key in it opens the front door. Please return the key to the lock-box. There are spare house keys hanging on a wall rack inside the front door and a garage door opener remote; be sure to return them when you leave. Note: the key lock-box combination must be re-entered in order to re-lock the box. We will give you the key lock-box combination
 and security system code separately.

Security system: through ADT, and includes motion sensors, door contacts, and smoke detector. 
- If you accidentally set it off, call us immediately at home or on our cell phones (below), because ADT will be trying to reach us to determine if it is a false alarm or not. 
- W
e are now able to control the security system remotely, so we will try to do that for you.
- When you arrive and open the front door, you have 30 seconds to disarm the security system. Find the keypad on your right, flip open the front panel, enter the code and press “Off” (the #1 key).
- When you leave for good, please lock all sliding glass doors, close windows, and close the living and dining room blinds. Last one out, close the front door so the alarm panel reads “READY.” Enter the code and “Away” and you have 60 seconds to leave. Pull the door firmly closed, and use the lock-box key to lock it.

The garage door is not alarmed, but the door from the garage into the house is. If you enter the house from the garage, you’ll need to dash through the house to the front entry-way to disarm the system. Bring a flash-light!

Please don’t arm the security system when anyone, including pets, are inside the house or they’ll set off the motion sensors. In an emergency, there are police and fire alarm buttons on the keypad that send an alarm when held down for two seconds (and work even when the system isn’t armed). There are conventional smoke detectors throughout the house to alert you. 

WiFi: Internet is provided through Suddenlink Cable. The password for the wireless at the house is written on a stickie-note on the router or on a slip of paper in the drawer underneath the TV in the living room. 

Computer and printer: There is a computer in the upstairs hallway, and it has a guest account you may use. It is set to start up at noon, take a photo out the window, post the photo to our Dropbox account, and shut back down. There is a wireless B&W laser printer next to the computer (Brother 2270DN). When powered on, it should appear on the network. Windows and Mac drivers are available on the CD in the computer desk.

Cell phones: Verizon and AT&T have good service in the area. T-Mobile does not. We do not have a “land-line” at the house.

Other electronic stuff: There is a portable, rechargeable iPod dock with radio and speakers on top of the TV, and a DVD player plugged into the TV. There is no conventional TV signal or cable TV service. >> Guide to the Skislope Remotes. There are electric blankets on some of the beds. Please be sure all of the above are off when you leave. There is an indoor/outdoor thermometer and weather station gizmo. User manuals for all can be found on the book shelf in the living room. Please do not leave the exterior lights on all night.

Power outage: There are candles and several flashlights (find in the first drawer in pantry, plugged into a dining room outlet, and in the master bedroom). Fire up the wood stove, and cuddle up! We find the power in Monterey is actually less reliable...

  831-647-8679 (home)
  831-915-2971 (Jeff’s cell)
  831-915-0161 (Jenny’s cell)

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